Monday, September 2, 2013

Thinking outside of the basket

Our downstairs half bath had this bare space next to the toilet:

It needed some kind of small piece of furniture or table but I'm trying to spread out the spending on the house purchases. 
So I decided to think outside of the box basket.

We already had this woven basket and when turned upside down, it looks like a table.

We also had this round piece of glass and particle board (found in the garage when we moved into the house) that happened to be almost the exact circumference as the basket. 

Using leftover fabric from the roll-up window shade my mom and I made in the bathroom, I decided to cover the particle board with it using a staple gun.

And here we have it. A table. Temporary, yes, but good enough for now. 

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Hi Caitlin! So many great ideas here! Recently I was visiting my friends' apartment where they just got a garage sale coffee table that needs a little TLC. The top is slightly recessed (there may have been a piece of glass on top) so I suggested putting some cool fabric on top with a spray adhesive then covering it with some sort of resin or plexiglass. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi! I've personally never used resin or plexiglass (yet) but I'm sure if you asked someone at a hardware store, they'd advise you on how it works and if it's easy or not. There are glass cutting places that will custom cut glass to the dimensions you need (not sure if this is really pricey or not but it is worth looking into). I've used spray adhesive though and that would definitely work with keeping the fabric in place. The fun part is that once you get sick of the fabric, you can change it up and put the glass back on top. Good luck! Share some pics of the final product if you can!

  2. Love! And what a pretty candle that is:)

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