Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This trunk is not junk!

This weekend while tag saling with my mom, I picked up this trunk below.
Here's a picture that I shared on Instagram:

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I wasn't sure if I should buy it but when the woman selling it said $3, there was nothing left to think about!
I've been wanting something large and substantial to go below the TV in our living room built-ins and the trunk was the right size.

I've accessorized the top of it with an old fan (garage sale find) and some books:

It's not in the best of shape but we like banged up stuff around here.

I should mention that the built-ins didn't have the shelf that the TV rests on when we moved in.
The last owners had a large piece of art there, which looked really nice and is probably what the large space is meant for. 
But to be honest, Chris and I want need a TV in the living room. 

The TV sat way too low though in the space and just looked awkward (even when elevated on top of that box pictured below). 
So Chris built a very simple shelf using L brackets and one by eights.

Then I just painted it with the same white that the rest of the shelves are painted in.

Here's a look at the before and after:

One last thing...if you didn't see last weekend's post about, check it out!
I used it to edit out some cable wires in a few of the pictures.

Non-edited pictures (revealing the ugly wire we have yet to put in the wall):

And the edited ones:

My editing isn't perfect but I'm learning.
Thanks for visiting!
- Caitlin

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