Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wannabe walk-in

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a walk-in closet like this one from Honey We're Home?

Closet 020

Talk about closet envy!
My closet is more like a wannabe version of the one above.
Technically, I can walk into it but once I am in there, there are not many places I can go. 
But I have to say, for such an old house (built circa 1860), it does have some decent-sized closets. 
Anyway, I've added some touches to make it feel more like a luxury closet than it actually is. 

The rug is here from Urban Outfitters and was originally in the sun room of our last place. 

Of course my OCD self cannot handle mismatched hangers. They all must be the same. 
These velvet ones prevent silky shirts from slipping off.

On the right side of the closet, there is some built-in open shelving. 
Since there clearly isn't any room for a vanity or an island (like my dream closet would have), I've made the top shelf feel a little more luxurious and pretty by putting down a geometric runner (re-used from our wedding), a picture frame, perfume, and flowers.

Why not have fresh flowers in your closet? These hydrangeas came right from my yard. 
By the way, the vase (which I use in every part of the house) is here from Crate & Barrel.

  I have my earrings organized in what was originally in my refrigerator to hold eggs.

And my bracelets are on this Target tray.

The rest of my jewelry (watches, bangles, etc.) are kept in this box from Home Goods.

Some more open shelving. 
It is nice to be able to see what clothes you own instead of having it all shoved in a drawer.

On the bottom, I've used baskets to keep bathing suits, clutches, etc. organized.

Here's what is going on to the left:

These hooks were here when we bought the house but the wood was light brown and the hooks were gold. So, I spray painted the hooks white and painted the wood light gray.

Above the necklaces is a shadow box frame from Crate & Barrel that holds the flower from the belt of my wedding dress. The fabric behind it is from the table runners of our reception.

It is nice to see this every time I "walk" into my closet as it is a reminder of our wedding day.

That concludes the tour of my wannabe walk-in closet.
When the rest of your house is very much a work in progress like ours currently is, 
it is nice to have at least one space feel put together!


  1. I love your closet! It makes me want to reorganize mine... Too bad I have to share with my husband! I so want to use an egg crate for my earrings now!

  2. Thanks Meghan! An organized closet makes me feel centered haha. If you don't have a ceramic egg crate, I think mine is from Anthropologie but I have seen them at Crate & Barrel and Target.

  3. Gorgeous closet, so organized and bright! Thanks for linking up to Suburbsmama! I will be featuring your closet this weekend. :)

    1. Oh my goodness thanks so much! Look forward to seeing it!

  4. Well, I just fell in love with your blog! I found you over at Suburbs Mama. Think I'm adding you to my fave blog list.
    Jamie @

    1. Thanks so much Jamie! I'm adding yours to mine right now :)

  5. Love all the small details! Especially in your accessory nook. I have one too and it's easily my favorite part of my room!


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