Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Easy DIY wedding day memento

You might remember these paper flags in a recent post that were used in all different parts of my brother's and best friend's wedding:


Well, on a recent trip to visit them, I helped put together this post-wedding memento:

It was easy to make.
First we trimmed down the flags so that they would fit the frame.

Next, using paint and a sponge brush, we stenciled their wedding date onto the flags.

Then, we spaced them out on some burlap...

...and added a thick rope to the top of the flags. 
Everything was glued down using a hot glue gun.

Lastly, I added their initials to the mat. 

I think it turned out great and it is a nice reminder of their wedding day.

And just in case my brother ever forgets their anniversary,
 all he has to do is look at this frame!

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