Saturday, August 30, 2014

Coffee table talk

Today I'm sharing a new look in our living room.
Not only did we change the furniture back from this arrangement but we also switched out our old coffee table that was a DIY project (you can read about it here) for this one that I recently purchased off of Craigslist.

It definitely gives a little bit of a new look to the room since the last coffee table was so white and light.

It was fun styling it using accessories that we already had... this glass cloche and coral (both garage sale finds):

Want the look?
I've put together a source list of where you can find this coffee table and it's accessories (or look-alikes):

coffee table (now on sale!)
glass cloche
large white coral
Allegra Hicks coffee table book
Coastal Style coffee table book
The Collected Home coffee table book
candle pillars
rustic white tray

Oh, one more thing...
If you're bored, check out our DIY bookshelves feature over at!

I hope you enjoy the last official weekend of summer!
- Caitlin

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The answer to my culinary prayers

I might like to decorate but it's no secret that I don't like to cook.
Recently though, the whole process has become a little bit more enjoyable when I decided to sign ourselves up for Blue Apron.

Basically, each week you are sent perfectly pre-portioned ingredients for three different recipes and very easy to follow step-by-step instructions (with pictures) on how to prepare each meal. You can tailor the menu you are sent by specifying any dietary restrictions (hello fellow pescatarians) and even opt out for the week if you don't like the upcoming menu.

Blue Apron

Here's why I like it:

1. It's affordable.
It comes out to about $10 a person per meal, which is probably equal to what I would spend by going out to the grocery store.

2. I don't have to think about what to cook or even go to the grocery store.
Now I don't consider myself a lazy person by any means but sometimes going grocery shopping and planning out a dinner menu is such a chore.

3. It's fast.
Each meal is designed to take about 35 minutes to prepare. Plus, having the ingredients perfectly portioned out makes for a quick preparation. There's no breaking out the measuring cups or tablespoons, which in turn also makes for an easier clean up.

4. It's healthy (enough).
All the recipes range from 500-700 calories, which is a plus for those working on losing the post-baby poundage.

I'll spare you my prepared Blue Apron meals' photos (I've yet to learn how to photograph food well) but you can check out their Instagram to see lots of pictures.

Happy cooking!
- Caitlin

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rocker report

Today I'm sharing an update on how our DIY chair-turned-rocker in the nursery is holding up since having Charlie.
We did this project in an effort to save some money as rockers can mean big bucks.
So, we took a regular Ikea chair that we already had and added a swivel rocker part.
You can read all about the DIY here.

So it's been about 3 months and I'm really happy we decided to do this project.
The chair is still rocking and swiveling the way it should. Plus it's comfy and helps lure Charlie to sleep.

By the way, how sweet is this pillow?
My friend's mom hand painted Charlie's name on it and it matches his nursery perfectly.
I sense a new project I want to try!

Thanks for reading!
- Caitlin

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My project fail

You win some. You lose some.  Right?
Not every project I try out is a winner (my sister can vouch for my DIY sunburst twig mirror gone bad).
Well, I have another one to add to the list: 
the time I thought it was a good idea to subway tile the back wall of our laundry closet.

After subway tiling our kitchen, I figured this would be a piece of cake.

What I forgot to consider was the following:
a. The wall is at a 45 degree angle, making it difficult to lay the tiles especially at the bottom.
b. The wall is crooked, something you don't want when tiling.
c. Grouting is annoying. Grouting a hard to reach place is really annoying.

Chris, who thought it was a terrible idea from the beginning, documented my disaster.

Here's me squeezing my body into the small space to start the tiling.
This should have been a sign to quit while I was ahead.

I didn't stop though and continued to lay the sheets of tile.

It actually doesn't look too terrible in this picture but in person, they weren't straight, and with the wall being crooked, it was close to impossible to make them look straight. 

Once I surrendered to this being a really bad idea (I hadn't even started grouting which was sure to also be a disaster), we tried pulling the sheets of tile off the wall.
With that, came some of the dry wall.
Yep, you can imagine the expletives that were being tossed around at this point.

Just when I thought we would have to hire someone to come fix my mistake, Chris came up with idea to just plank the area like we did in our bedroom, thus masking any evidence of my big whoops.
He's so smart.

It was still a pain to plank but not nearly as terrible as trying to tile in there.

Our basket light is still up in the closet. 
To read about that, you can go here.

As for this little window in the closet, we are going to hang a cornice that matches the one in the hallway.
Lucky for us (not), this window also has an angle that we will have to work around. 

So I learned my lesson. I should listen to my husband more and leave the tiling for the kitchen.
Oh well!
- Caitlin

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Fashion Fix: cool in camo

Turns out camo isn't just for the military.
I love the print and think it's a great look for fall.

Here are some camo looks you can shop:

J. Crew



J. Crew

TJ Maxx





Have a great weekend!
- Caitlin

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What will you washi?

Happy hump day!
My latest post on My Daily Bubble is up and running.
You can check it out here.
- Caitlin

Monday, August 18, 2014

Can-do cornice

I love Pinterest for many reasons.
It's the source of inspiration for what to wear, what to cook, how to decorate, and so much more. 
It is also my go-to for project tutorials. 
Why re-invent the wheel when someone has already done so and conveniently pinned it for you?

So was the case when I recently went on a mission to add some personality to the windows in our upstairs hallway by making our own window cornice.

Here's what the hallway was looking like before 
(note the uneven windows, that's what you get with a very old house like ours):

And here is the after:

Thanks to this pin, I had a great step-by-step tutorial on how to build our own window cornice.
It was pretty easy to do.
The only difference with ours was that we had to work around this angled part of the ceiling.

Chris measured, cut, and assembled the wood for the cornice.
Then I wrapped it in the batting and stapled on the fabric.
The last step was to hang it.

I'm happy with the end result and Chris is happy this project is over so he doesn't have to hear the word cornice again.

Have a great week!
- Caitlin

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beach break

Breaking from the blog today to enjoy some beach time.
Summer only lasts so long!


Hope you get to do the same! 
- Caitlin

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spice it up!

There's no denying I love all things organization. Just take a look at my pantry.
So, you can imagine my excitement over my sister-in-law's organized spice drawer.

She bought them from Stick It Kitchen (which also has an Etsy shop) and picked up the glass jars here for cheap.

Time to makeover my spices.
- Caitlin