Sunday, June 16, 2013

The basket light goes up!

The DIY basket light fixture in the laundry closet finally went up this weekend! 
It took a few trial and errors to figure out how to hang it but we managed to figure it out. 

This is what the light looked like before. 

And this was the basket, upside down of course. 
Notice the hole right in the middle as if it was always meant to be a light fixture!

In order to hang it, we needed a socket extender 
and what I think is called a plumbing washer (found in the plumbing section of Home Depot). 
Both were very cheap.

Both were also not the color I wanted. My favorite spray paint to the rescue.

I also spray painted the original white light fixture base.

Up she went!

In case you are doing this yourself, this is how we hung it:

1. Turn power OFF. You don't want to get electrocuted.
2. Re-attach spray painted light fixture base.
3. Using another set of hands, hold up the basket, then the washer,
and screw in the light socket extender to hold it all together.
4. Screw in your light bulb and turn the power back on.

Here's a few shots with the bulb turned on.

The handle of the basket was really hard to pry off. 
So when it came to trying to get this wire part off, I said forget it!

Another view.

Oh, I also added this pad of paper (from the $2 aisle in Michaels) to the wire wall basket.
I will probably use it to write down what clothes do not go in the dryer.

Just one more look at the before and after:


Ah, feels good to check this one off the list.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. Leaving the handles to the basket may be a blessing, you could always hang a delicate shirt on a hanger from them to dry while the rest of your load is in the dryer ;)


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