Saturday, June 8, 2013

DIY laundry sign

There are a ton of things to do around the house that should take precedence over making a laundry sign.
Regardless, I took a half hour to do this quick DIY project. 

We don't have a laundry room but we do have a laundry closet right off the master bedroom. I've seen a few laundry signs on Pinterest and decided to make one myself using things that I already have at home. 

This block of wood was in the garage and seemed to be the right size. 

I also had stencils that were the right size.

I spaced them out on the wood block evenly (no measuring, just eyeballing).

Then using paint we already had, I stenciled it on the wood using a sponge.

Keeping up with the theme of "use what you have", I stole this hardware off the back of a picture frame we had in the house.

There she is. 

And now if someone opens the laundry closet doors and is confused as to what it is, 
they can read the sign: Laundry.
Just kidding.

This wire rack is from Home Goods and was used to hold canned food in the pantry of our last place. 
Now it is for laundry things and missing socks. 
Seriously, where do they go?

The laundry closet has a built-in shelf. So just to accessorize it up a bit, I added a jar full of clothes pins, an antique iron (that was left by the previous owners), and a wooden ruler. 

 Next up for the laundry closet is a DIY wire basket light fixture. Here is the light now.

And here is the basket I plan on using. Luckily, the top already has an opening for the light bulb. 
No wire-cutting needed.

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to hang it. When I do hang it, I will share pictures.

All this talk of laundry and ironically I haven't done any!
- Caitlin

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