Saturday, June 22, 2013

Going "green"

I'm admittedly more of an indoor-decorating kind of girl but I'm trying to change and focus on the outdoors as well. 

As you can see, part of our house has a covered porch that was looking a little bare.

Here's another view. 
As you come up the steps from the driveway, you see a whole lot of white.

My parents' covered porch has hanging ferns and I really like the way they look so we went to Home Depot (which is starting to feel like home away from home) and bought some ferns and hanging baskets.

The hooks that I originally picked out at the store were definitely not the right ones. The man that was helping us reminded me that these baskets can get pretty heavy once you add soil and water them. Plus if it gets really windy and they start swinging, they will probably go crashing down.
So he recommended these ones below.

Don't worry, that's not my hairy arm.

This was super easy to do and I think it makes a nice (green) statement.

Now the tricky part is keeping these ferns alive and kicking.

Which might be a challenge because I have no green thumb whatsoever. 

I will water the plants. 
I will water the plants.
I will water the plants.

Here's a shot of what we have going on on the porch.

My mom found these chairs for us at garage sale (and painted them for us too). 

The pillows are from Home Goods.

I found this cart at a garage sale. I think I paid $15. 
It was also a dingy yellow so some white paint freshened it up.

This lantern is from Pottery Barn but was actually a centerpiece at my cousin's wedding.
She generously gave a bunch of us one to take home. 
Thanks Linny! 

One more look at the before & after:


Enjoy the weekend!


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