Monday, June 10, 2013

Mediocre coffee table gets a makeover

Inspired by this coffee table makeover,
we decided to give a somewhat boring coffee table that we had a face lift.
Who are we kidding?
We were more than inspired. We pretty much copied what Jen at did. 

Unfortunately, I don't have a good picture of what it looked like before. But to sum it up, it was dark brown and...well, that's about it. There was nothing special about it.

Up-cycling this table was easy to do. First, we took the original top of the table off (which just consisted of loosening the screws and bolts). Chris found some already weathered wood planks at a garage sale for about ten bucks. He cut them to fit the length of the table top, sanded them a bit, and attached them all together using tools that I have no idea how to use. Then, I white-washed the wood planks using leftover paint we had from our bedroom and a wet sponge. 

The base of the coffee table was painted with the same paint as the top and I used a foam roller so that it had a smooth finish. Once dry, I distressed the edges and corners with sandpaper.

There's some of the original brown poking through.

For the bolts on top, Chris drilled holes for them, I spray painted the tops (because they were silver), and we used wood glue to keep them in place. The bolts themselves don't actually serve any structural purpose but I think they look pretty cool.

 And we sprayed painted the original cup handle to match the bolts.

 To finish it all off, we used Briwax to give the top of the coffee table a more finished look.

This was one of my favorite up-cycling projects because I think the before and after are so drastic plus it was surprisingly easy to do.

Rosie, on the other hand, is not impressed...


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