Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Saling" into summer

In between trips to the paint store and Home Depot this weekend
I used the Garage Sale Rover app on my iPhone to scout out some garage sales.
I didn't get much but what I did get was cheap and cute.. this basket for two bucks.

The laundry sign on it is cute but I think I am covered in the laundry sign department. 
So I decided to re-purpose it.

The sign was easy to pop out and I painted it with two coats of chalkboard paint.

Now with a blank slate, it's not limited to just the laundry room.

As with most of our things, 
I am not sure where this one is going to go yet in the house but I played around with some ideas.

There has been a pile of cooking magazines in our kitchen for weeks now.
 Using this basket, they are organized and off the counter.

It can also be used to hold dog toys, bottles of wine, mail, toilet paper, dish towels, napkins, DVDs...
You get the idea.

I also got this vase for just five bucks (as if I really needed another vase).

But the word "peace" across the front reminded me of West Elm so I couldn't turn it down.

I've mentioned before that I am always on the hunt for coffee table books to fill up our living room built-ins
I managed to get my hands on four more this past weekend, each for about $2-$5.

 This one has my name written all over it. 
I'm kind of an organization freak.

Love this quote on the back. 

And look where it is from and what it originally cost.
So technically I saved $23!

Wow Martha! Looking good!
An oldie but a goodie.

The jacket to this Pottery Barn book was a little too colorful to make it onto the neutral living room built-in, 
so I just took it off.

Okay, so it wasn't the most exciting weekend as far as garage saling goes but...
there's always next weekend!

Happy almost summer!

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