Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Foyer" viewing pleasure...

We moved in officially only a couple of weeks ago but it is slowly coming together.
Here are some shots of the foyer, which is starting to feel more complete.

Let's see...the lamp is from Home Goods. My mom had the mirror and suitcase and didn't mind handing it over. I'll have to double check but if I had to guess, both are from where else but garage sales. 

The contemporary art coffee table book is from a garage sale as well but the Nake Berkus book can be found here from Amazon. Love me some Nate.

Oh and these flowers! Left-overs from my brother's wedding.

We found this old fashioned ice chest at an awesome estate sale just a few towns over. I found out about the  sale via Garage Sale Rover, an iPhone app.

I've learned (from the master of course) that if it is not the last day of an estate sale and you are interested in an item, you can put a bid in, which is exactly what we did with this piece. 

I think it was priced at $300 and we offered $100. Right there on the spot they said "SOLD"! 
Maybe we should have offered $75 haha?

 I'm still looking for a rug by the front door, which will probably not be used that often. 
The way the house it set up, it is more likely that guests will come through the kitchen door. 

Which is sort of a shame because the front door and walkway is pretty charming...
Speaking of the front door, I'm contemplating painting it this summer. Not sure what color however.

The good news with guests not coming through the real front door 
is that the rug I end up getting won't get too dirty.

Here are some that I've been checking out on Dash and Albert. I recently bought a small kitchen rug from there and I'm happy with it. Apparently, these rugs are made to stand up to high traffic areas and best of all pets. 

CatamaranStripePlatinumIvory2x3%5B12653%5D   Diamond Platinum/White Indoor/Outdoor   Two-Tone Rope Light Blue/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor   Rugby Stripe Light Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug   

Rope Wheat Indoor/Outdoor   Plain Tin Ivory Wool Micro Hooked Rug   Lighthouse Khaki/White Indoor/Outdoor Rug   Beckham Stripe Platinum Indoor/Outdoor   

Clearly there is a theme here: neutral and beachy. We don't live right next to the beach (I think the nearest one is about 20 minutes away) but I can't help it sometimes. That's what I like!


  1. You should get a Dash and Albert rug, I just hosed mine off last weekend and it reminded me how awesome their indoor/outdoor collection is!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I'd paint the door black or gray :)


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