Sunday, July 14, 2013

The pantry: so fresh and so clean clean

Our pantry had been in desperate need of some freshening up.

It looks white in this picture (thanks to the flash)...

...but in reality the white was starting to yellow and was in need of a fresh coat of paint.

I have a ton of paint samples leftover from painting other rooms so I used Benjamin Moore's Nimbus  (which is a shade darker than the color we painted the kitchen) to paint the back of the pantry.

I painted the shelves (which conveniently are removable) the same white as the cabinets.
Check out the difference. Now you can see the yellow. 
Ew! much better.

It feels way better to open the cabinets and see it look fresh & clean.
It almost makes me want to cook (yeah right)!

These Oxo containers from Crate & Barrel were shower gifts.
I love how they keep everything organized and uniform.

Even our dog Rosie has a place in the pantry.
See how I made this dog food canister here.

I've painted the top of one of the pantry doors in chalkboard paint. 
We use it to keep track of groceries, to-do lists, reminders, etc.

I hung this rack from Home Goods on the bottom half of the door to hold all the miscellaneous stuff that accumulates on the kitchen counters...

 ...such as cooking mags,, 

...and bills. 
Still haven't gone completely paperless yet.

The door on the left side of the pantry has some built-in racks for spices.
Luckily, this came with the house.

One last look at the before & after:



  1. Wow I thought I was organized until I started reading your blog!

  2. Your pantry really stores a lot and looks very fresh and organized now. I keep trying different china cabinets in the eat in area of our kitchen but this type of pantry is really what we need.


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