Monday, May 27, 2013

DIY Ballard Designs Inspired Food Canister

I love the Ballard Designs pet food canisters below but I can't come to grips with spending that much for one. So, I found an old tin canister at an estate sale for about $8. I wish I took a before picture but I didn't. 
 A can of spray paint, some stencil, and a permanent black marker later...
I had my own DIY version of the Ballard Designs one. 

I originally was going to stencil on the letters with black paint but it kept smudging and I was losing patience. Using permanent marker was way easier and looked fine. 

I didn't have a stencil for the paw print on top so I just free-handed it.
Turned out okay, no? 


I found the scoop from Marshalls for only $5.99. Cheap!

Rosie approves :)

Happy Memorial Day!
- Caitlin

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