Monday, May 20, 2013

Ohh honey, carrera marble!

It is hard to focus on ONE room when you have a whole house to decorate but we have been trying to spend our energy on the kitchen first since it is the room to which most tend to gravitate. Luckily, there is not too much that we have to do in the kitchen and what needs to be done is relatively easy. 

This past Saturday we faux-tiled underneath the kitchen sink. I saw some pins about doing this on Pinterest and decided to try it out. Based on this picture, you can probably tell why I decided it had to be done. Many of the cabinets and drawers had this checkered contact paper, which was probably kinda cute at one point but was definitely showing some wear and tear. So, out it went. 

Off we went to Home Depot and found a bunch of choices for peel-and-stick tile. The tile we chose is made to look like carrera marble. It was probably the most neutral choice and less than a dollar per tile.

Peel. Stick. Repeat. So easy and already looking much better!

We used a box cutter to cut some of the tiles to make them fit. Again, very easy. Just watch those fingers!

Of course these things snowball. Once we tiled the bottom, we realized how dingy the inside of the cabinets looked. Yuck.

Nothing a little white paint can't fix.

Once we stepped back, we realized we should have bought more tiles and did the back. 
I'm thinking Home Depot will soon become my home away from home.

Here's a picture looking down. Looks much fresher and clean, no?

In case you forgot...BEFORE:


Hmmm..what else can I "tile"?

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