Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh say can you see: DIY American flag art

I found and bought this pallet/board/table top/fence/piece of junk (I have no idea what it originally was) 
that was covered in dirt in a shed at a garage sale months ago. 

Yes, I actually paid money for this. But only a few bucks!
I was feeling creative at the time and thought I would use it for something.
Then I got it home and realized how gnarly it actually was (not entirely sure what that sludge below is).

So I tossed it to the side and had it ready to go to the dump.

Fast forward a few months...
I'm glad I never actually got to the dump 
because I have completely up-cycled this pallet/board/table top/fence/piece of junk!
After seeing some inspiration on what else but Pinterest, I decided to turn it into American flag wall art.

For the stars, I used a stencil. 
As for spacing them out evenly, I started out measuring but then became lazy and ended up eye-balling the rest of them.
I wasn't really going for perfection.

Stenciling fifty stars seemed daunting so I halved it and stenciled twenty-five.

Once all the painting was done, I distressed the whole thing with sandpaper. 

Here's the final product:

Look who decided to just plop right down in front of the camera.

As for where this flag is going, we have a little guest house right next to the house...

...and I'm thinking it will go above this trundle bed:

One more look at the before and after:


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  1. awesome job! Next time, tell chris to step it up & model with rosie in front of your artwork.


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