Friday, July 26, 2013

The guest bathroom: making the best of a gold situation

Earlier this month, I posted about the guest bathroom and how I started to tackle the gold accents by spray painting the shower door:


Well, the spray painting saga has continued and I have rid the rest of the bathroom of the gold. 
I should explain that had the gold accents been in good shape, I probably wouldn't have spray painted at all. However, the truth is that most of it was tarnished and showing wear and tear so I went for it.

Here's some before and afters:



And as if I didn't get my fill of spray painting, I decided to spray paint this ancient vent cover.
Of course I forgot to take a before picture (when will I learn?) but imagine a dingy tan/brown cover.

All it took was loosening some screws, popping it out, and spray painting it a glossy white. 
Now it is not such an eye sore.

So besides spray painting, I've hung up a new and very neutral (my M.O. lately) shower curtain.

 We also painted the bathroom (using leftover paint from our kitchen) and accessorized a little bit.

This photograph is one that my grandfather took of my uncles when they were kids. 
The frame is here from Target.

The towels are from TJ Maxx and reminded me of these Anthropologie ones (just less expensive).

Above the sink is a shallow ledge where we have put this window that I'm going to turn into a mirror. 

I think it will be a cool alternative to your traditional bathroom mirror.

We put this small trunk (from a garage sale of course) on the ground across from the sink:

Here's a peek inside the trunk:

I've filled it with toiletries for guests. 
I always forget to bring toothpaste!

By making a few inexpensive cosmetic changes to the bathroom, we've changed a dated space to a more modern and inviting one without breaking the bank. 

Happy Friday!
- Caitlin


  1. Looks great! I need to take you shopping with me since you always find the best things at good prices!

  2. Thanks! I've learned from my mom...never pay full price!

  3. Hi. So glad I stumbled on to your page! Inspiring! What color paint is on your bathroom walls. I love the spray oil-rubbed bronze. My fav.


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