Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cushion Botox

Our Crate & Barrel couch we found on Craigslist has been through a lot including three moves, some puppy abuse, and a lot of HomelandDexter, and Real Housewives (of Every County) viewing.
So, it is no wonder the cushions are saggy, wrinkly, and stretched out.

Yikes. Have you ever seen such a sad-looking couch cushion?

Well here's a quick fix until we decide to splurge on a new couch: 
foam mattress pad toppers that I bought here.

What's that hole in the bottom left corner? It starts with "R" and ends with "-osie".
Bad. Dog.

Anyway, I got the extra long twin size to make sure that the mattress topper wraps all the way around the cushions.

Here's the couch now, looking at least 5 years younger.

 Goodbye sag and wrinkles.

It's even more comfortable with the extra padding!

One more look at the before...

...and the after.

In case you are wondering where the pillows on the couch came from, check out this post.

Happy hump day!


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