Thursday, September 26, 2013

How much is that hutch??

I haven't shown much of our dining room mainly because there isn't really anything exciting to see yet.
Our dining table is sort of temporary, I'm still looking for the right chairs, and we need to get a new light fixture.

The only thing that is feeling together in the dining room is this hutch, which get ready for this...
was a garage sale find for only $250! What a steal, right?

Okay I can't take all of the credit. My mom was the one that found it at a sale. When she texted me a picture of it with the dimensions, I loved it but was afraid it wasn't going to fit so I sadly told her we'd pass on it. 
Naturally, she ignored me and bought it anyway. Luckily though when we got it to the house, it cleared the ceiling and fit in the dining room (just barely). 

I'm trying to fill the hutch with mostly white things and have been using pictures like these ones below for inspiration:

BM Wythe Blue by cora     

Most of what I have on there so far is from garage sales. 
Anytime I see something white, I buy it for the hutch.

I added these gourds and pumpkins for a touch of fall.

Thank you for reading :)
- Caitlin


  1. Love it! I think we all want your mom to start shopping for us!

  2. love the way the hutch is coming together but what im really drooling over if your white milk glass cake stands

    1. Thanks, I see those cake stands all the time at yard sales!


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