Saturday, September 14, 2013

PicMonkey, that funky monkey

So besides Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I have another obsession:
It's a photo editing site that is free (unless you want to upgrade for more options) with lots of effects and features to make pictures look really cool.

I've been using it in some posts lately, like this one below:


Did I fool you into thinking that was actually my handwriting? 

Here are some other pictures that I've edited with PicMonkey:


And it's not just for those with websites or blogs. 
You can use it for invitations or holiday cards like this one:

{Honey We're Home}
I may have had a little fun editing a picture of our dog Rosie...
Here's the before:

And an after:

And another one:

Okay, that's enough. 
I did say it's addicting, didn't I?

Happy editing!
- Caitlin

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