Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall mantel makeover

This weekend we were finally home and able to do household chores that we've been neglecting like grocery shopping, laundry, and weeding.
You know you've been slacking on yard work when you pull a weed that is the same height as you.

I also got a chance to pay attention to our living room mantel and decorate it for the fall season.

Instead of using typical orange decorations for fall that would clash with the grays and blues of our living room, I tried to use accessories that were neutral.

Both the candle holder and candle are garage sale finds but Pottery Barn has the same candles here (and they're on sale).

The two boxwood topiaries are also from a garage sale but I also found them here for about $20.

These are actually acorns and I picked up a bunch of them in the produce aisle to decorate with while I was doing our grocery shopping. 
Edible decor!

All of the books are from garage sales and were about a buck a piece.
Who's Gus the Great? 
I have no idea but I think the cover looks cool.

I wanted to give some height to the mantel so I just collected some fallen branches outside and stuck them in this garage sale vase.

I did some more fall decorating in the house that I'll share with you later.
Have a great week!
- Caitlin


  1. This is GORGEOUS, Caitlin! I am so jealous of your decorating abilities!! :)




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