Sunday, September 8, 2013

What's for dinner?

What's for dinner? I hate that question. 
Mainly because I don't like to cook and the last thing I feel like doing after a day at work is figuring out what to eat. So this (school) year, Chris and I have implemented a plan for week night dinners that so far has been working nicely.

Here it is outlined on the inside of our pantry door: 

If you haven't guessed, we've designated each night to a type of food so that there is no more guessing over what to have for dinner.

 We made Monday salad night figuring that coming off from the weekend (the time when we probably indulge more than we would like to admit) we are in the mood for eating something light and healthy in an effort to start the week off on the right foot. We've done kale salad, Greek salad, Southwestern get the point. The best part is that chopping veggies is pretty fool proof so I don't get stressed out trying to "cook".

{top inspired}
Tuesday is some kind of version of Mexican food (tacos, ceviche, rice and bean bowl, etc). It's one of our favorite types of food. It's casual, easy to whip up, and can be really healthy. 

{domesticate me}
Wednesdays stink. 
It's hard to get over the hump of the week so we decided to make it pasta or homemade pizza night (carbs = happiness) and of course wine. Both pasta and homemade pizza are super easy to make but in the off chance we mess it up, we drink more wine. Everything tastes better!

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Thursdays are dedicated to the grill. I'm all for grilling whatever we have on hand: the veggies that are about to go bad in the fridge, the frozen burger (or veggie burger in my case), fresh fish, whatever. Easy is how we operate!

{the simple veganista}
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are T.B.D. 
We usually order in one of those nights or go out to eat. 
And sometimes on Sunday, we eat lunch so late that by dinner time we're not hungry for a real meal so we bust out our beloved Whirley Pop for some freshly popped popcorn. We add shredded Parmesean on top and have some wine while we watch our favorite shows (currently obsessed with Ray Donovan).


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