Thursday, August 15, 2013

So shady!

A couple weeks ago I posted about the window in the downstairs bathroom.
Originally I had hung these slat blinds but then decided they were too overwhelming for the window:

So with my mom's help, we made this pull shade:

Before I show you how we made it, 
here are a couple before & afters:



So, how exactly did we make it?
First, I purchased a $5 plain white roll up shade from Home Depot and had it cut to the width of the window.

Then, we unrolled it and cut the fabric to the size of the shade leaving a couple inches around the sides to fold.

Next, we used this spray adhesive to keep the fabric in place on the shade while we attached the edges.

We also trimmed the excess fabric and ironed the edges so that the folds were nice and crisp 
(careful when ironing as it is very easy to melt the plastic shade). 

I don't have pictures of this but my mom stitched the fabric folds to the shade using her sewing machine. 
If you don't know how to sew (like me) you can probably use fabric glue instead.

Lastly, I spray painted these handles white (they were originally gold) and glued them to the bottom of the shade as pulls.

Here it is again hung up:

This project probably would have been way easier using a solid or striped fabric.
Because it is a geometric pattern, it was difficult making sure that the fabric was centered on the shade and that the hem was straight. 

As for whether it actually goes up and down like a normal pull shade, my answer is yes and no. 
It doesn't have the exact same spring back ability but it still works.

I think this window treatment has more of a personality than the blinds that I originally used and was less expensive.

Thanks for stopping by!
- Caitlin


  1. Very cute!! The fabric looks great!!

  2. Very nice!looks possible!!

  3. What is the weight of your fabric? I should have read the how-tos before I bought fabric & now I think the thin burlap-type might be too heavy. =\

    1. I no longer have this shade up as we re-did our powder room but the fabric was a light-weight linen blend. I'm not sure burlap would be too heavy but worth a try? Good luck!

  4. A little confused about the top of the shade, how much to go around the roller..............

  5. I made a similar shade many years ago. I used a striped denim fabric and sprayed the fabric with a coating but I don't remember what it was. I didn't use a plastic shade but just the fabric. I bought a roller and attached the fabric to the roller with glue I seem to remember the roller came in a kit. Don't know if they make such a thing anymore, but your idea should work as well. The denim worked well for my kitchen.

  6. Thank you for these directions! This is exactly what I want to make for our kitchen door.


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