Thursday, August 29, 2013

Artsy fartsy

A few months ago I bought these prints from this Etsy shop:

40% Off Sale - Large Painting - Landscape Painting Print - Delicate - Large 20x30 Print - Poster - Wall Decor
Mai Autumn
It felt good to support an artist from my home state of NJ and I was happy with the prints when they arrived in the mail however they never quite made it up on the wall. Between moving into our house and the summer starting up, they were tossed aside in a storage closet.

40% Off Sale - Large Abstract Painting - Landscape Watercolor Painting - Fragile - 20x30 Print - Wall Decor
Mai Autumn
That was until my sister called me asking for some help with decorating her new apartment in the city. So I packed up my car with a few extra things that I didn't mind giving her including this tray. When she also mentioned needing something to hang above her new couch, I decided these prints would work.
 And the nicest sister award goes to...Just kidding. :)

As for framing the prints, I had two of these frames that I found at a garage sale last year for about 5 bucks a piece (including the glass and some really ugly prints).

But they were showing some wear and tear.
.If you can see below, this one had a water stain on the fabric.

So I busted out some Annie Sloan chalk paint and painted the frames, even the fabric part 
(see what else I've painted with Annie Sloan here, here, here, and here).

I also distressed them a bit too with sand paper.

Here are the prints hung up in her apartment:

They look great with the furniture and accessories in the room. I don't have a shot of it all together (boo) but I do have this close-up of some of the pillows and (part of) the couch so you can get an idea:

And check out this view she and her boyfriend have from their balcony:


By the way, the same Etsy shop is running a 40% off sale for a limited time in case some of her art speaks to you. 
Here are a few other prints from the shop that I was admiring:

40% Off Sale - Floral Still Life Art - Summer Bouquet - 11x14 Giclee Print - Flower arrangement still life - Contemporary Modern Art
Mai Autumn
40% Off Sale - Acyrlic Painting - Peacock Painting - Feather - Bird Wall Decor Watercolor - White Peacock II - Large Print 20x30 - Poster
Mai Autumn
40% Off Sale - Watercolor Painting - Trees in Art - Landscape Painting Print - Grace - 8x10 Giclee Print - Country Field Magenta Green Blue
Mai Autumn

Do you have any favorite Etsy art shops?
- Caitlin


  1. Oh I love the picture of the flowers in the vase.


  2. more pictures coming from our place!! - Jamie (sister)


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