Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another bargain? You bench 'ya.

Last Monday on the way home from a run with our dog Rosie, 
I saw a sign for a garage sale (an unusual day for sales but of course I pulled over). 
I'm glad I did because I found this bench:

The woman selling it said she originally bought it from Lillian August for about $75.

I got it for only ten bucks. 

After a good wipe down with a wet rag, I tried it underneath the windows in our master bathroom:

I've been looking for a low and narrow piece of furniture for this space but didn't want to spend a lot.
I think for $10 this bench does the trick!

This coral came from my parents' attic (which they are purging a.k.a. free stuff for Caitlin & Chris).

The frame and towels are both from Home Goods.

This rug was a recent purchase from Dash & Albert
I've never had a rug this size in a bathroom before but our master bath needed something to make it feel a little more cozy.

Normally I'm weary of a white rug but since the bathroom is a low traffic area 
(usually just Chris and I using it), I figure it won't get too dirty. 
Plus, Dash & Albert rugs are made to withstand pets and regular washing.

There are a few projects I would like to do first before I show the rest of our master bathroom but I promise to reveal soon!

Thanks for reading :)
- Caitlin

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