Thursday, May 28, 2015

More Pic Monkey projects

It feels just like yesterday we were taking Charlie's first month picture and now he's one!
It's so true what they say. It flies by (and way too fast if you ask me).

Anyway, way back in this post I shared how I used to edit the pictures and add the numbers and letters for 1 month, 2 months, etc. along the banner.

Now that he is one, I went back on to use their collage feature to put all of the month to month pictures together.

Here's how it turned out:

Pretty cool, right?
I'm definitely going to print and frame this for his nursery.

That's not all I've used the website for.
Recently, I took some pictures for his birthday party invitation and needed to add a mustache to his face.
Let's be real though.
There was no way an almost one year old was going to keep a stick-on mustache on. That thing would last one second. So, I turned to to digitally add the mustache.

And there it is. Baby's got a mustache.

The website is so user-friendly, it was so easy to do.

 Lastly, here is one more way I recently used to edit pictures of Charlie.
Inspired by this picture I saw on Pinterest, I decided to create my own version.
So, we plopped Charlie in our freshly cut yard and I snapped a picture leaving a lot of blank space on the left.

Then, on to I went and I added text in all different kinds of fun fonts.

Here's the end result:

I hope to do this each year, maybe with different back drops (the beach, one of our stone walls, etc).

Hope I've inspired you to create some of your own Pic Monkey projects!
- Caitlin


  1. He's such a cutie, Caitlin! I love your photo collage of him over the last 12 months. Such cute ideas you shared today using Pic Monkey.

    1. Thanks so much, Brandi! You're always so sweet :)

  2. Charlie sure is a sweetie, and I love your collage. Especially how he's wearing the same kind of outfit – makes it even MORE delightful to see how he's grown into that chair!

    This year really has flown by...I've been meaning to offer you an EasyGallery® frame for these monthly pictures – well, for just about a year now. Your PicMonkey collage is going to be completely wonderful framed up, but do let me know if you'd like another frame to display + store the monthly prints for his 'sophomore' year!

    : )
    Mary Ann

    1. Hi Mary Ann! Thank you so much, I'd love a frame for his collage and love the idea of being able to store the photos that I switch out! Please feel free to shoot me an email, thanks again!

  3. I am such a fan of pic monkey…use it for resizing images and making collages! Love seeing your sweet baby boy!!

  4. I do a lot of this in Photoshop but this seems so easy!

    1. See, I need to get Photoshop! I just use this, it is so easy and mostly free.


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