Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Powder room progress update

Today I'm sharing the latest on our powder room renovation.
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Anyway, last week we were able to get the plumbers in to install the vanity, hook up the sink, and install the toilet. 
No more having to run upstairs to use the bathroom!

The vanity we chose is Restoration Hardware and we were able to purchase it during one of their bath sales (and it's still on sale). 

Originally we thought it would be cool to find some kind of vintage dresser and turn it into a vanity. 
But, I wanted this bathroom done sooner than later and going on a hunt for an antique would just delay this process. 
So, we went for this one and I'm really happy we did. 
I love the weathered oak and how it contrasts with all of the white.

Now when looking at old pictures of the bathroom, you might notice that during this reno we moved the plumbing to under the window. 
Originally, the pedestal sink was on the adjacent wall and in an effort to save money and time, we were just going to replace the old sink with this smaller version of our vanity.

After a visit with my parents, they offered their two cents and suggested that instead of having a tiny vanity "crammed" in the corner, why not center a larger one under the window? 
Although this was a more expensive option, they had a good point. 
So we listened and I'm glad we did. The bathroom seems to make more sense this way.

The faucet we chose is by Rohl and can be purchased here and we used Italian carrara marble counter that came with the vanity.

So clearly this post is of the progress, and not the final product.
We still have some work to do, especially around the window.
We had to rip out the bottom part of the window sill to make room for the vanity. 
So, now we need to add the plank trim and put in a thinner sill.

We also need to settle on some kind of window treatment.
I'm thinking of having another faux roman shade made (like the ones in Charlie's nursery) and having a pull down linen shade behind it. 
Off to fabric shop I go.

The work doesn't stop there.
I need to figure out what the heck I'm putting on this big blank wall.
I have a horrible time picking out wall art so wish me luck!

At least for this wall I'm fairly certain we are going to hang this mirror (originally a $5 garage sale find and snagged from our staircase landing).

Lastly, we are contemplating a new light fixture. 
This original one doesn't bother me at all but Chris isn't on the same page.
So, I've been eyeing this one
I'm kind of obsessed with it!

Again, there's still a bunch to do but I'm just grateful to having running water and a flushing toilet (we bought this one).

Hope to share more progress and the end result with you soon!
- Caitlin


  1. It just looks amazing - love the cabinet and the tile is fabulous! So much attention to detail…can't wait to see more!

    1. Thanks so much! Hope to share more soon :)


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