Saturday, May 16, 2015

Turning 2

Things have been busy around here which is probably why I didn't realize that it has been exactly 2 years since I started The Picket Fence Projects!

While I definitely don't post as consistently as I did in year one, I still enjoy using this blog as a creative outlet from time to time and hopefully I'm inspiring some of you out there!

Anyway, for this new year of The Picket Fence Projects I am following this mantra below in our home and life:

Have less.

Since we have moved into our house, I have been feeling bogged down with too much unnecessary stuff. We acquired a lot of it going from a smaller apartment to a bigger house and now I just want to simplify it all.
Some of it is stuff we needed but a lot of it I realize we can definitely do without. The clutter, the stuff I was saving for "well maybe one day I will use this" situations, and things I don't love has been making me feel disorganized, overwhelmed, and for lack of a better word, gross.
So, I've been tackling it little by little, tossing the worthless stuff in the garbage, selling and donating what we don't love or need, and buying smarter. I already feel calmer (until I look in our garage--we will for sure de-clutter in there)!

Do more.

There will always be a laundry list of items that need to be done around our house. And while I enjoy our DIY projects and decorating, it can eat up a lot of free time. Since having Charlie, I've become even more aware that the days go by way too quickly. The house projects can and should be put on hold from time to time so that we can do more together outside of the picket fence (which is exactly why only half of our hallway is painted).

Be more.

I guess this part (or really any part) of the quote above can be interpreted in different ways. To me, it means to be more in the present. Like I mentioned above, time goes by so fast and I don't want to spend too much of my time not being here in the moment. So that means turning off the TV and instead putting on a fire and spending time together. It means (as addicting as it can be) taking a break from pinning on Pinterest and more closely watching our baby accomplish his milestones. I want to be more of a mother/wife/friend/sister/daughter/you get the idea.

Ok, that concludes my one "deep" post for the year!
Cheers to a new blog year :)

- Caitlin

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