Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some new looks in the living room

It admittedly took me way too long to put away all of the holiday and winter decor around the house.
But once I did, the living room was looking really bare.
So, I recently re-accessorized a bit using things that I already had in an effort to bring some personality back into this room.

The mantel, which was sporting some green garland and lots of white candles, has now taken on a "hey it's almost spring" look.

This Anthropologie book initial was a gift and can be found here.

You can read about where this ladder came from here.

Even though it's almost spring, we still need plenty of firewood on hand for these freezing temperatures.

The couch and coffee table have also seen some changes.

I originally re-did this tray for my sister but she ended up not having a spot for it so it's back at our house.

The built-ins are an ever-evolving part of the room.
You can see what they looked like during the holidays here.
Now, they are back to a more neutral look.

By the way, it's 15 days until it's officially spring.
But who's counting?

- Caitlin


  1. I love your decor! Everything looks so light and fresh, perfect for spring!

  2. Beautiful....I am all over the organic feel:)


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