Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another treasure hunt tracker

Last spring, I posted about Garage Sale Rover, an iPhone app that allows you to find garage and estate sales in your area. Well, apparently this app is no longer in existence so I've been on the hunt for another one.
Let me introduce you to Yard Sale Treasure Map:

It does the same job as Garage Sale Rover as it allows you to search for sales on different days of the week and within the distance you would like to travel.

It looks like this weekend's lousy forecast will keep us from having our own garage sale but I think I'll use this app to find some sales that are still on in our area!

Happy treasure hunting :)
- Caitlin


  1. Thanks for sharing! I always wondered how you found out about estate and tag sales!
    And it looks like we are neighbors (I'm located in Stamford).

  2. Caitlin, I have to thank you for this tip. I downloaded it two weeks ago and have used it for the past two weekends! It's a huge help!

    1. Oh good! I'm glad it has been helpful. Happy hunting :)


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