Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm goin' to Jackson!

"We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout,
We've been talkin' about Jackson, ever since the fire went out.
I'm goin' to Jackson, I'm gonna mess around,
Look out Jackson town."
- Johnny Cash

You might be wondering why I'm quoting a Johnny Cash song. 
Well, the lyrics hold a lot of meaning to my brother and sister-in-law who are in the process of building their house, which I often refer to as my beach house 
(we share in this family hehe).

Anyway, my brother's dream has always been to own a house on the water. 
Not a block from the water. Not one house away from the water. A house on the water. 

After very patiently waiting to find the right property for 2+ years, their dream has finally come true as they have begun building this house:

So, what about the lyrics? 
Well, they really did get married in a fever this past June. It was a beautiful wedding that you can check out here and it was also one of the hottest days of the summer.
And what fire? 
Well, in the house that was originally on the property (which they demolished) there was a fire which led it to be condemned.
Jackson is the name of the street where the house is and believe me, they talked about it a lot before deciding to put in an offer.
Sounds like the song was written about them, right?

This past weekend, I was able to check out the progress on the house, which is expected to be complete before summer begins (perfect timing if you ask me)!

This is the view out of the living room.
Don't we all wish we could wake up to this view?

Here's the view from the dining room:

One huge deck is clearly not enough.
Off their master bedroom, they've built another deck from which you can pretty much see the New York City skyline!

I love this wood burning stove in their living room.
My brother is going to plank behind it with reclaimed barn wood.

Their dog Abbey already found her favorite spot to lounge.

The kitchen is clearly not yet complete but it already looks amazing!

These glass cabinet fronts are hands down my (and everyone else's) favorite part of the kitchen.
My mom found them (at a garage sale of course) for only $100!
Their cabinet maker removed the original wood frames and built them into the new cabinet doors.

I think they add such character to the new kitchen.

What's this tiny drawer for?
Spice rack!

They've begun work in the master bathroom by tiling the floor with these hexagon tiles 
(which still need to be grouted).

My brother is also planking the bathroom wall where the vanity will go.

I'll share more progress on the house this spring!

As for this summer, you know where I'm going.
I'm goin' to Jacksonnnn! :)

- Caitlin


  1. Replies
    1. So much fun reading about this. Looks great!!

    2. The house looks spectacular and the photography does it justice! Can't wait for the next chapter.


  2. I am dying over this! The house looks ah-mazing. I literally caught my breath admiring what looks like nearly panoramic views! Um. Can we get an invite? I want to go to Jackson too!

  3. Ahhhh this is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it all done! Meryl--- it's stunning!

  4. So jealous of them! It looks amazing! I love all of their design choices.


  5. Ummmm when am I coming to visit?! Beautiful Job Meryl & Sean! And great job capturing it all Caitlin!

  6. WOW! This looks absolutely stunning. And the pups :)

    xo Lily


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