Sunday, March 23, 2014

Making changes to a changing table

Lots of changes are happening! 
The seasons are changing from winter to spring (thank goodness), my bump is changing by getting bigger by the day, and we have been busy changing our guest bedroom into a nursery.

The latest project we have been working on is changing this piece of furniture into a changing table:

My mom found it for only $10 at a garage sale and as junky as it looks in this picture, it is actually a solid quality piece. Originally she picked it up for my brother and sister-in-law's house that is being built (read about that here), but they decided that they didn't have a place for it so they graciously passed it on to Chris and I. Thanks guys!

Clearly, it needed a lot of work.
We started by prying off a pegboard layer that covered the top, which wasn't as easy as it sounds because according to Chris, that sucker was attached with "1,000" nails.

Underneath the pegboard was this planked top. 
It wasn't wide enough for a standard changing pad, so Chris extended it by adding some wood around the perimeter.

Then came the painting. 
We used a paint and primer in one and applied about 3-4 coats.
The picture below is probably coat #2.

The last step was adding some gray stain (we used Minwax stain and still need to add a polyurethane as a final coat) to the top, a lip around the edge so that the changing pad won't slide around, and some new hardware.

Here's the final product:

I like how the top is not perfect and has lots of holes. 
I think it gives it some character.

I also like how some of the natural wood shows through the stain.

Here it is with a changing pad on top. 
I will probably slide the pad over to the left so that there is room for a small basket on the right to hold diapers, cream, etc.

The hardware is probably my favorite part.
The alphabet knobs are Restoration Hardware but were found at a garage sale for just a few bucks.

Inside boasts lots of storage space for diapers, wipes, and other things of that nature that I get to learn all about. I plan on lining the shelves with some kind of contact paper and adding some organizational baskets.

One more look at the before & after:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
- Caitlin


  1. Love that! The letters are so sweet.


  2. WOW! Looks amazing! Love the handles.

  3. Wow, this came out great. Can you tell me the name of the stain you used and what type of wood?

  4. Those alphabet knobs are adorable! The awesome part of this makeover is that after you're done using it as a changing table it can easily be converted to a drink station or toy storage or just about anything. You'll get a lot of miles out of this piece of furniture.

  5. Sure wish I had had one like this for my babies!!! Cutest changing table I've ever seen! Featuring at tonight's Trash 2 Treasure Party on Kammy's Korner. :)

  6. Adore the minwax stain you've used on this project and Baby's bookshelves. Would you mind sharing the stain specifics? Beautiful blog--enjoy your new darling!!

    1. Hi Amanda! The minwax can says "white tint base (42) slate". I believe we bought it at the Home Depot. Hope this helps :)


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