Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Since a serious renovation of our master bathroom is a ways down the road, Chris and I have been doing small cosmetic changes here and there to hold us over in the meantime.

So far we have painted the green tub tile as well as the vanity and have accessorized a bit.
The latest change was framing the vanity mirror:

Here's what it looked like before (please ignore all the different paint colors on the wall):

And here is the after (as you can see, the walls are still not painted):

It was a fairly easy and inexpensive project, using molding that we found at The Home Depot.
The only tricky part really was figuring out how to work around these plastic brackets (see below) that held the mirror up.

Since I'm mathematically challenged, Chris figured out the measurements of where the center of the brackets were and where he would need to dig out space for the brackets to fit underneath the molding.

It turns out whittling wood is not a good time. 
Good thing football was on to distract Chris.

Here's a shot of one of the notches he chiseled out for one of the brackets.
I also painted each piece in Annie Sloan's Pure White, the same color as the vanity.

Lastly, Chris cut the ends of each piece of molding at a 45 degree angle using a miter saw.

This is what we used to adhere the molding to the mirror.

As we put each side up, we used painters tape to help hold it in place.
When we went to bed that night, we have visions of waking up to it all falling on the floor but surprisingly it stayed!

One of the last steps was filling in the notches with some Spackle...

...which is initially pink but turns white when dry.
Once it was completely we dried, we sanded it down a bit and touched up the spots with paint.

Next up for this bathroom...paint!

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