Sunday, November 3, 2013

Runners & running

We had this Target runner (pictured below) in the hallway of our last place and we were trying it out in our house but I was ready for a change. Plus we are considering getting a permanent runner in the hallway and staircase so I was going to toss this one to the curb.

But before I got rid of it, I tried it out on our porch.

The colors of the runner go with the look of the porch right now so I figured why not?

I like it out there because it makes the porch feel more like an outdoor living space.

I've checked the Target website to see if this runner is still available but it isn't.
However, they do have a bunch of runners that are cute for a good price:

Maples Fretwork Runner - Tan (1'10"x7')
Target $39.99
Shaw Living® Global Tiles Runner - Gray/Yellow (1'10"x7')
Target $39.99
Shaw Living® Fretwork Runner - Teal (1'10"x7')
Target $39.99

Speaking of runners, good luck to our friends running in the ING NYC Marathon today!
Can't wait to cheer you on from the sidelines!

Have a great Sunday, everyone.
- Caitlin

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