Thursday, November 7, 2013

Project powder room

When we first moved into the house, we were very gung ho about tackling projects.

In just a few months we changed a bathroom faucet

I'm tired just thinking about it all.

Things have sort of slowed down since August but now I feel us picking up the momentum again and excited to make some more changes. Now we just need to carve out time to make them happen!

One project on the horizon is to do a real re-do of our downstairs half bath. We've made a few quick changes in there since we moved in but are now jonesing to really do it over . 

Like most big projects, it helps to have a vision board so here is what we are envisioning:

I'm slightly obsessed with planked walls and so we are thinking of planking the largest wall in the bathroom. 
Here are some pictures that I've found for inspiration:

I've also found a few blogs posts that make it look do-able and somewhat easy.

Both Chris and I also love the look of hexagon marble tiles and want to take our current bathroom floor from this...

to this...

Carrara (Carrera) Venato Hexagon Honed 1" Mosaic Tile

I hate to talk about things and not actually do them so here's to getting it done!

A quick thank you to Kelly in the City for her shout-out to this little blog of mine!

Happy almost Friday :)
- Caitlin

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