Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Project playroom: ready for its reveal

When we moved here a few years ago, I wasn't exactly sure what we would do with this detached space that is just a couple steps from the backdoor of our house:

But once we had our first son, I realized that it would make a great playroom, especially since we don't have a finished basement or extra kid room in the house.

So this summer I began turning this blank space into a place for our two boys and shared the progress along the way here, here, here, herehere, here, here, aaaaand here

And now that the custom cushions for the built-in seat (which lift up and double as toy storage) are in, I think I can call this playroom complete.

So here's a look around and at the end of this post, there's a source list and a special coupon code for readers of this blog!

Source list:

rug - Target
book ledge - Ikea
basket on wheels - Home Goods (but similar here)
magnetic board - DIY project that you can read about here
blinds - JC Penney
No whining print - DIY project that you can read about here
oversized photo tapestry - DIY project that you can read about here
striped light shades - Schoolhouse Electric
cushion fabric -
personalized name pillow - SoVintageChic (use code PICKETFENCE within 1 week for 20% off!) 
pom pom trim pillows - DIY project
metal PLAY letters - Michaels 
blue and white woven baskets - Home Goods (but similar here)
cardboard deer head - DIY project that you can read about here
radio - Target
large silver arrow - Home Goods
faux succulents - Target
bullseye art - DIY project
paper roll dispenser & art shelf - Land of Nod
teepee - DIY project that you can read about here
faux fur rug in teepee - Ikea

Thanks for visiting!
- Caitlin


  1. Ummmmm.... this is insane.

  2. Caitlyn, this is gorgeous. The boys are extremely blessed to have such a wonderful space to play. Wonderful job.

  3. I'd be taking that over for a Mommy she-shed! ;) It looks fantastic.

  4. Caitlin you never cease to amaze!! Beautiful!!!

  5. I knew it would be awesome and you truly outdid yourself. Such a great play space for your boys!!!

    1. Thanks, we are having fun playing in there!


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