Monday, October 12, 2015

Simple sconce switch

Hello out there!

I haven't been posting as frequently as I'd like to because wow, we've been dealing with a nap transition that has had its ups and downs. What transition doesn't though, right?

The ups include almost 3 hour naps that have me running around in circles not knowing how to best utilize my free-time (which at 31 weeks pregnant usually results in me faceplanting on the couch) and downs that are hour teaser naps that make for a cranky kid and a probably crankier mom. 

Anyway, today is an up day and I'm happy to share a small and easy decorating change in Charlie's playroom that adds a lot of personality.

You might remember me asking your opinion on switching out these plain glass sconce shades for something a little more fun:

Well, I took your advice and decided to get the Schoolhouse Electric striped glass shades!
I'm so happy I did. 
They're cute and fun and fit right in with this almost complete playroom.

Like I said, this playroom is almost complete.
The only thing left to do is have cushions made for the built-in seat (which opens up and hold lots of toys).
I've ordered a couple fabric samples and got a reasonable quote to have them custom made. 

A quick thank you to It All Started with Paint for featuring our guest room (which is now Charlie's nursery).

- Caitlin


  1. Love this! Great print mixing going on here! xx

  2. Love the oversized photo. Did you DIY? If so , how did you make it?

    1. Hi yes I did, thank you! You can see how I made it here:


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