Sunday, October 25, 2015

An art update

Thanks for all your kind words about our powder room reveal!
It means a lot, especially on a project that we put a lot of thought and time into.

So, in the reveal I mentioned how it was almost complete because we still needed art to fill the big blank wall. 
Well, today I'm sharing how I have finally come to a decision.

 It started with Pinterest when I was scrolling through some decor inspiration I had pinned.
In a few pictures, I saw these blue ocean botanical prints (which I think are called the Capistrano Seaweed Collection).

I liked the look of them and the big statement the enlarged size makes.
So after a little searching around, I was able to find something similar on

The blue is a little softer and less navy than the pictures from Pinterest, which I wanted since the window treatment in the bathroom has lighter shades of blue.
I also liked that I could get the print in many different sizes with lots of framing options.

After settling on a few potential frame choices in a couple different sizes, I went to one of my go-to sites,, to superimpose screen shots of my options onto the picture of the blank wall in the bathroom. Doing this gave me a better idea of what it might look like.

Here are those shots:

After staring at these pictures for probably way too long I settled on the silver frame in the larger size.
A 45% off coupon code and a good return policy (even if you custom frame!) helped me to pull the trigger and order it.

The best part? It arrived in just a few days!
So now I'm able to share the end result with you here:

Now I can finally say this room is 100% complete!

- Caitlin


  1. Did you get the frame some place else bc I didn't see it as a frame option on The art really finishes out the space. Love it!

    1. Hi, thank you! Yes, I had it framed via It's definitely an option, maybe you didn't see it? Once you select the print and the size, you click on the "frame it" button which is under that "add it to cart" button. For the print in the size I got with it framed and the 45% off discount, it came to about $170 including shipping!

  2. your bathroom looks amazing. gimme!

  3. The art looks so, so great in the space! Such a good choice. And smart to test it out first. I have a real problem with scale so need to use your tips...


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