Wednesday, August 19, 2015

No whining!

In general our son has been/is a really great baby and we'll be lucky if number 2 is half as happy and easy-going as Charlie.
That said, we have entered a little bit of a whiny phase that some days has me reaching for earplugs!
So, as I have been decorating his playroom, I thought it'd be kind of cute and fitting that we hang a "no whining" poster in there. 


I originally found this poster via Pinterest and it's available in different styles herehere and here.
However, I wanted it to match the colors of the playroom a little more.

So, the best sister ever (whose home I recently posted about here) re-created it for me in navy and light blue. Thanks Jamie!

I had to smack myself in the head as I put the poster in this frame with the glass in it.
If Charlie or another kid was sitting on the built-in bench, it could easily fall off the wall and break if they grabbed for it.

So, I removed the glass and just used this adhesive spray glue to attach the poster to the cardboard back.

There's just one or two more things to do in the playroom and then it will be ready for a full reveal so stay tuned!

Oh one last thing.
See that light fixture on the left?
I think it's perfectly fine but was considering switching out just the glass dome for this one (I would need to buy two). 
It's not totally necessary but I think would be fun. 

Thanks for dropping by!
- Caitlin


  1. LOVE this! She should open an etsy store! xx

  2. I vote for the new lights! LOVE!! Just think of all the money you saved with all your DIY :)

    1. That's why I love you Melissa! Excellent rationale. You may have convinced me!

  3. A mom with a sense of humour... Love the sign!! Great job.

    1. Haha thank you! I try to have one otherwise we would all go insane!


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