Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The new playroom plans

Last summer I posted about our plans to turn our pump house (you can read about what that is here) into a playroom.

A year later and I'm finally getting the ball rolling on turning this blank space into something fun for our son.

While Charlie has little toy areas all over our house, I would like a space (besides his nursery) that is his. Since we don't have a finished basement to use as a playroom, this space seemed like the best option.

So here's what I've done so far.

I am in the process of making a teepee using this fabric (similar here) which is actually a twin-sized sheet I bought from Home Goods
I plan to follow this DIY tutorial that seems pretty straight forward. 

I also just purchased this neon yellow pom pom trim to use on the opening of the tee pee. 


When it's complete, I will definitely share!

For this room, I bought this super affordable rug that I thought was kind of fun and also coordinated with the teepee fabric:

I also recently picked up some metal letters from Michaels to use on the built-ins:

And lastly, I've made some bunting out of craft paper and blue and white paracord:

So, that's the extent of my progress.
There's lots more to do but once I have more of it complete, I will share a bigger look!

- Caitlin

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