Monday, June 9, 2014

Monogram it.

What is it about a monogram that makes something instantly cuter?
I purchased these ones below from for about five bucks with the plan to add them to a few different things.
The deal has since ended but similar ones can be found here, here, and here on Etsy.

It was so easy to do.
Peel and stick. That's it.

I added them to this glass coaster:

...this small dish:

...and this large vase:

Here's the vase on my nightstand:

I'm using the small dish in my closet to hold my wedding rings.

And the coaster is on this side table in our bedroom for my water glass:

It was a good thing I only had three of the decals because I easily could have gotten carried away and stuck them on practically everything around the house!

They can be added to a coffee mug, lap top, cell phone case, picture frame, bumper, etc.
Endless possibilities.

Happy Monday :)
- Caitlin


  1. That is so adorable! I love your wedding ring. Chris did a good job! :)


  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE these! And um, your wedding / engagement rings? GORG!

    x Lily

  3. Can I ask where you found that bedside lamp? It is the cutest ; )


    1. Thanks! I found a pair of them at home goods!


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