Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Fashion Fix: guilt-free shopping

Have you heard about or
I hadn't until recently and now I am a tad bit obsessed.

Both websites are sort of like a One Kings Lane for jewelry and other odds and ends with daily deals that expire after a certain number of days.

Like most, I love love love J.Crew but I'm not always willing to pay their prices.
Luckily, and frequently have J.Crew-inspired jewelry for a fraction of the cost.
Take this necklace for example:

I could either spend $12.95 or pay $98 for the real deal at J.Crew:

Hmmm...I'll go for the cheaper version! A girl has gotta eat.

Most of the stuff is pretty inexpensive. 
What I've bought so far has been under $15:

Did I really need another necklace? 
That depends on your definition of "need".

Hope you have a guilt-free shopping weekend!
- Caitlin

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