Thursday, October 24, 2013

Completed collage!

I finally finished a project that has been partially done for months now!
This wall collage in our guest bathroom is now complete.
Through decorating this house, I've learned that I might have a mild case of ADD as I discover myself half-doing projects then jumping to the next without finishing what I started. 

I lovingly blame it on my mother who has been caught vacuuming with one sock on (she forgot to put on the other one) and occasionally empties half of the dishwasher then goes on to do something else. So was the case with this collage. I had half of the frames up and filled before I jumped up and started spray painting the shower door. This apple clearly doesn't fall far!

Anyway I've filled the frames with pictures we used in our wedding of our grandparents on their wedding days.

The dark brown frames are Crate & Barrel and the light brown ones are garage sale finds.

The largest of the frames has a photo of Chris and I on our wedding day.

Above the frames, I've hung this vintage "Guests" sign that we used in our wedding.
I thought it was fitting, considering this is the guest bathroom after all.

Oh, and after months of procrastinating, we finally put mirrored glass in the bathroom window mirror.
Here's the before...

...and here is the after. 
Now our guests can actually see themselves.

The other (small) addition to this bathroom is this faux potted grass I scooped up at a garage sale for a quarter. 

Since I don't go in this bathroom often, it is nice to have a "plant" I don't have to water and make sure is still alive and kicking.

Hopefully we complete more projects this weekend that I've started.
Here's to hoping!
- Caitlin

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  1. Too cute! I hung photos of my and my boyfriend's grandparents in our house as well, and we love it -- it's both vintage and personal, plus romantic!

    xo Lily


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