Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ma, look what I made!

I recently shared how my husband's handyman skills have grown exponentially thanks to Ana White.
Well, check out this potting bench he just whipped up as a birthday present for his mom who is an avid gardener:

He added some details like these hooks that came from a coat rack we picked up at a garage sale:

Chris used twine to string through the new gardening tools so that they could hang from the hooks.

This funny-looking hose is called Pocket Hose and can be found here.
When in use, it grows and expands to the size of a 50 foot garden house. 
When you turn it off, it shrinks back down to this size.

Chris added these wheels that we found at a garage sale to the potting bench so that his mom can easily scoot it around.
By the way, to find out how we find garage sales and for some garage sale tips, check out this post.

Of course we had to accessorize the potting bench a little bit...

For some simple potting bench plans from Ana White's website, click here.

A happy belated to the best mom-in-law!


  1. Hello I was wondering if you have the plans for this bench?

    1. Hi, I'm sorry for my late response! He doesn't have the plans he used anymore but you should check out Ana White's site. She has very detailed plans on similar styles!


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