Saturday, June 7, 2014

Elephants for Erin

If you follow The Picket Fence Projects on Instagram, you might remember me sharing this centerpiece from my husband's cousin's baby shower:

So cute, right?
Well, my sister-in-law helped put it together and gave me a bunch of the extra elephants (which came from this Etsy shop) for a little project I wanted to make for his cousin Erin.

I arranged the elephants in a pyramid facing different directions and just taped them down.

As for the background, I used one of my free Farrow & Ball wallpaper samples that I posted about before here.

Here it is framed:

Erin is expecting a baby boy very soon and I think this elephant art will fit in with nursery's decor based on some things she's registered for:

RH Baby & Child

RH Baby & Child

RH Baby & Child

Isn't Restoration Hardware's baby line so sweet?

Have a great weekend!
- Caitlin

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  1. So cute! I love that you found use for that wallpaper!

    x Lily


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