Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our happy hot mess

It's easy to give off the impression on this blog that everything at our house is perfectly kept and organized.

But what you don't see in my blog pictures of our put together this and our spotless that is that I probably have shoved all of the junk out of the way so that it isn't captured in the shot or that I've edited out the marks on the wall that need to be touched up or the stain on the rug I haven't gotten around to treating.

However, today I'm not shoving the hot mess in the corner while I take pictures or photo-shopping the not-so-pretty parts.
I'm letting it all hang out because it is what it is and sometimes we all need to be reminded that perfect is over-rated, to embrace the imperfections, and that sometimes the daily to-do's should be put on hold so that we can enjoy life!

So here are some glimpses of the hot messes currently around our home that I'm okay with sharing because it's real and even though it might be a mess sometimes, it's a very happy one... our dining room table set up as a sewing station and abandoned mid-project to go for a walk with my mom, dog, and baby.
The curtains can wait. 
Our summer days are limited and enjoying some sunshine is more important.

My sad pathetic droopy DIY wreath.
I should probably take it down and put a better looking one up but it can wait.
There's a baby that needs to be cuddled.

The laundry that has piled up and the clean clothes that have been waiting to be put away for a week now. That can all wait. Heading to the beach to have a glass of wine with Chris and Charlie is more important right now.

Our lumpy disheveled family room couch that needs some fluffing and probably a slipcover wash.
Actually we probably just need to get rid of this thing and buy a new couch!
I'll get around to doing it eventually. 

Our living room closet/changing station that I've been meaning to organize and clean up.
Hot. Mess.
But it can wait!
Taking my afternoon nap to power through another night of 2 A.M. feedings is wayyyy more important.

The big bulky dog crate for our very sweet but sometimes badly behaved dog taking up space in our dining room (and moved into another room when I'm taking blog pictures).
It isn't pretty but it's Rosie's happy home and she is family to us.

This picture frame from my brother's wedding that is on our book shelf filled with pictures that are not Chris and I. I've been meaning to switch out the pictures (for almost a year now) but have yet to get any printed.
It can wait (but probably not much longer).

The hole in our kitchen ceiling that was finally patched but needs to be painted.
It's an eye sore but this hot mess can wait.
We much rather spend our weekend visiting friends and family than painting a ceiling.

Our bathroom vanity that needs some seriously touching up and a coat of wax.
Hot mess.
But, you guessed it. It can wait too!

Because there will always be a laundry list of projects to do and things to put away and organize but life is short and time is flying and even though parts of our home are a bit of a hot mess right now, it is a very happy home and one that I'm lucky to have.

- Caitlin


  1. icanshowyouwhatmessyreallylookslikeJune 19, 2014 at 9:58 AM

    Love that you're a human like the rest of us.

    1. 100% human! Your username made me LOL by the way.

  2. haha don't forget the gift that is sitting at our house because not everyone got the memo that you moved!

    1. Oh geez, guess we will HAVE to make a trip to Greenwich to pick up the gift and get dinner with you guys :)

  3. Hi Caitlin! I discovered your blog thru your feature on Clean & Scentsible and have spent the better part of my morning oooohing and awwwing at your incredibly charming home. I love your style vibe! Excited to be a new follower :)

    1. Thank you so much and glad you found my blog! :)

  4. Glad to see your house isn't always perfect! Especially with a new baby... I would start to wonder if you ever slept ;). Enjoy this newborn stage... It goes by so fast!

    1. It wasn't perfect before baby and definitely still isn't now! Getting enough sleep although in 3 hour increments :) It does go by fast! He'll be 1 month next week ah!

  5. I heart you. Thanks for keeping it real. It can all wait! Love your blog.

  6. I just love this! Only found your blog recently (via a search for nurserys - yours is just exquisite)! I'm having my first baby in September and we also just moved house. So much inspiration to get it ''perfect'' before baby comes, but I am already training myself to just let small things go and focus on what's more important in the moment! Thank you for sharing, nice to know there are many of us in the same boat :)
    (Lindsey from South Africa)

    1. Thanks so much Lindsey and best of luck with your first born!

  7. A sincere thanks for sharing this. A perfect house does not a happy life make. Your sense of style and photography are just beautiful. So glad to see there is a person behind all of that. Enjoy the summer!

  8. I'm SO happy that someone has the "balls" to show "real life" on their blog, as well as all the beauty and perfection:-) Its refreshing to see other women/moms/wives that show "real life"...thank you;-) You ROCK!

  9. Your new post lead me to this older one. You are such a doll. We all have hot messes, but this post is a great reminder that those hot messes can wait. :)


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