Monday, April 28, 2014

Waiting on tables

We have been wanting a kitchen table for some time now in an effort to have an additional eating/sitting area in the kitchen aside from the nook and high-top table and stools.
The original plan was that Chris would build a table with a zinc top but the furthest we got with that one was pinning some ideas on Pinterest:



With busy weekends and other projects taking priority, I unfortunately didn't see this one coming to fruition for a while.
So when I spotted this island below on a random trip to West Elm marked down nearly 50% 
(because it was the floor model), I scooped it right up.

It had the zinc-like top we wanted and was the perfect size for our kitchen.
The only issue was that it was island height and we wanted something that was table height.

Not a problem though.
We just unscrewed the lower shelf (which I plan to re-purpose as a tray of some sort)... well as the legs. 
Then, Chris just took off a few inches of each leg with his table saw.

All that was left to do was re-attaching the shortened legs and adding some furniture pads to keep the floor from getting scratched.

Here it is now as a table:

I've temporarily put our dining room chairs here while I wait for these chairs that I recently ordered to arrive. This will mean both the table and chairs will not have come from a garage sale. I know, so rare in this house!

Thanks for reading :)
- Caitlin


  1. That is soo cute!


  2. I love this! Gosh what great luck you had with finding this on sale!

    x Lily

    1. Thanks! It's surprising how much of a markdown furniture floor models get. It's a good way to score a deal!


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