Saturday, April 26, 2014

Airing our dirty laundry (and DIY hamper)

I really love an easy DIY project and this one that I'm sharing today took under 30 minutes to do (minus waiting for the stain to dry).
Inspired by this post on Apartment Therapy, we were able to replace our old mismatching hampers that scratch our hardwood floors every time we drag them out of the laundry closet and create these matching ones on wheels below:

First, we stained two of these wood rounds from Home Depot

Then using welded wire also purchased from Home Depot, we wrapped it around the edge of the wood rounds and trimmed it.

We then secured the wire by wrapping the excess around the other side.

Next, we turned the hamper on its side and clipped the wire into squares that we bent over the bottom of the wood round. Using a staple gun, we attached each square.

Then, we added some wheels (also purchased from Home Depot).

I found two of these laundry bags at Home Goods for under $15, which fit the wire hamper perfectly.

I told you it was easy!

By the way, I'm happy to announce the winner of the Rewined mimosa candle giveaway
is Barbara C.!
Please look for an e-mail from me so that we can get your candle on its way!

Have a great weekend :)
- Caitlin


  1. So cute! You were so lucky to find laundry baskets that worked perfectly!


  2. I love all you projects, Caitlin!! This is such a nice looking hamper.

  3. Wow, this is amazing! I love wire laundry hampers. Genius!

  4. I love this so much! I actually saw some at HomeGoods awhile ago that I really wanted to buy but they were around 45-50 dollars each which I was just too cheap to spend. Thank you for the amazing inspiration this morning!

  5. Oh wow- love this idea. so clever to make your own.

  6. Stopping in to pin.... and I'm happy to know I don't have to sew to make one of these.

  7. omg, seriously LOVE these!!! Pinned!

  8. I absolutely love this! Pinned!

  9. Aw shucks wish we needed a hamper but wait, what else could I use that for? I am loving your hampers, you were so lucky to find those bags, Wonder If they still have them, could buy online. No Hom eGoods around Grand Junction, closest is Denver or over in UT somewhere. I'd rather drive to UT than go over the mountains to Denver. We're west of Grand Junction, CO closer to UT border. G.J. is pretty lacking in "good" stores like HomeGoods, IKEA, frustrating as all get out when I see all the great stuff other bloggers talk about. Hate having to pay s&H to get things and our thrift stores are high also. Now that I've trashed G.J. it does have some good features, give me awhile so I can think of them. lol The dry climate is good.
    Love color of those bags and pretty smart figuring out how to make your own. Don't you love it when you make something less than half price or more than a store.
    Do you have a Harbor Freight where you live? Their casters are less expensive. We have one of those at least but it's quite a ways from our house, we live west and Harbor freight is miles away on south east of G.J.
    Look forward to seeing what other awesome projects you make. Happy summer days

  10. Is it a sturdy hamper? I've used that wire and I would be afraid it would collapse or bend under the weight of the laundry.

  11. found your project via a pin on Pinterest. Love it. I'm your newest follower and will be back soon to see all your projects.

  12. just found this. Love! can you tell me over dimensions of finished hamper

  13. I love the idea..I think I'd try it using tomato cages. 😊


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