Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Month 3 with Charlie

Charlie recently hit the three month mark (yay!) and I documented it with his monthly picture that I posted about here:

You can see a big difference in his size and overall contentment compared to month one!
It was also less stressful taking the month three picture thanks to some more neck stability.

I've also been filling this frame in his room that I posted about here with his monthly photo.

It's been fun documenting his first year this way and I'm looking forward to the months to come!

- Caitlin


  1. I love seeing him grow through those pictures! such a cute idea. and such a cute babe!!

    x Lily

  2. He just gets cuter! It's so funny to see how red his face was in the first month :)


    1. So red! He gets paler by the second now haha.

  3. I really wish blogging and Pinterest were around when my guys were little. They are now 21 and 15. I love this idea. Your little guy is adorable and I especially like his expression in his 2 month old photo. Looking forward to seeing Charlie grow.


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