Monday, September 1, 2014

Just add water

Warning: this is highly addictive!
I recently downloaded Waterlogue, an app that only costs a couple of bucks, and turns your iPhone pictures into watercolor works of art.

It's so easy to use.
 I just scrolled through my camera roll and chose a few pictures that I wanted to turn into watercolor.
Here they are...

An afternoon this weekend at the beach here in Connecticut:

Our springer Rosie shaking the water off and saluting the sun:

Charlie snuggled in our bed:

A vacation in Martha's Vineyard from a couple of years ago: 

A trip to Montauk last year:

Chris walking the beach with the dog last winter:

Our home when we moved in: 

My grandmother holding Charlie:

Since there are some blank frames and walls in our house that need filling, I'm thinking that I can just get some of these printed and I'll have art that I had a part in creating.

A quick thank you to Jen from City Farmhouse for sharing the art in our bedroom!
Check it out here.

Have a great Labor Day!
- Caitlin

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