Monday, December 7, 2015

Fan of this felt ball garland

If you follow this blog on Instagram, you might remember this picture of this cute felt ball garland that I purchased from this Etsy shop to use on a Christmas tree for Charlie's room: math isn't my strong suit and I totally didn't order enough to go around the tree so I ended up using something different for garland (will share soon).
It's okay though because I found a completely different spot in his room and I love how it looks:

His DIY bookshelves are one of my favorite projects that we've done and the garland adds even more personality to them.

The garland is customizable with so many colors to choose from.
I picked white, frost, cornflower, and gray to match the colors in his nursery.

It's something I'll keep hung up long after the holiday season is over!

Thanks for stopping by!
- Caitlin

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